Nov 292010

Building Codes Workshop

Public Services Building

First Floor Conference Room

December 9, 2010

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Building Department staff will present an

overview of the new codes that will become

effective on January 1, 2011.

This is a FREE workshop!

Staff will focus primarily on the two new

California Codes: The California Residential

Code and the Green Building Standards Code.

Presenters: Greg Fenton and Al Annan

Bring your code books so you can follow along!

Nov 232010

California Housing Production Continues Decline in October, CBIA Announces

November 23, 2010

Note to editors: A table listing housing starts by type and by metro area is available here.

SACRAMENTO – Having fallen in September after four straight months of gains, total housing production in California continued to decrease in October, the California Building Industry Association announced today.

According to statistics compiled by the Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB), permits were pulled for 2,108 total housing units in October, down 28 percent from the same month a year ago and down 28 percent from September. Permits for single-family homes totaled 1,364, down 37 percent from October 2009 and down 21 percent from the previous month, while multifamily permits totaled 744, down 3 percent from a year ago and down 39 percent from September.

For the first ten months of the year, permits were pulled for 34,508 units, up 14 percent when compared to the same period in 2009 when 30,194 permits were issued. Permits for single-family homes fell behind last year’s pace for the first time this year, down 2 percent when compared to the first ten months of 2009, while multifamily permits were up 52 percent.

Liz Snow, CBIA’s President and CEO, said the numbers were disappointing and noted that the state is on track to see the second-lowest number of housing starts since records began being kept in 1954.

“While it’s good that we’re still above last year’s production levels, it was disappointing to see single-family production fall behind last year’s pace,” said Snow. “Continued weakness in the job market, high foreclosure rates, and tighter lending standards making it difficult for builders to get projects off the ground are creating the ‘perfect storm’ to deter new-home construction, putting us on track to see the second-lowest year of housing production on record. Until we see improvement in these areas, homebuilding, and the economy, will continue to struggle.”

Snow noted that CIRB has revised its housing forecast downward from 45,000 to 41,700 total units in 2010, slightly more than the record-low 36,421 units produced in 2009. CIRB has also revised its forecast for 2011 to 67,500 total units, down from 74,000 units projected last month.

Mike Castillo
Communications Manager
916-443-7933 Ext. 346
[email protected]

Nov 222010

Last week, Kern EDC’s Executive Committee voted to encourage the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) to select the Bakersfield-Fresno segment as the initial section for the intrastate rail system.

The Authority’s decision will be made on December 2, 2010.

We now ask you to seriously consider submitting correspondence recommending the Bakersfield-Fresno segment (vs. the Fresno-Merced segment) alternative.  (Please find attached a sample letter of support.)

Selection of the Southern San Joaquin Valley option will bring direct economic benefits to Kern County citizens and will even improve existing rail service:

  • $4.3 billion in federal and state funds would be targeted for this “backbone” section
  • Ten of thousands of construction jobs would be created in the Bakersfield-Fresno region
  • Until the initial segment is fully utilized, Amtrak would use the route, allowing trains to operate at 150 mph (vs. the current 78 mph).

I am also attaching a link to a related article and sample letter that can be copied and put on your letterhead:

Bakersfield-Fresno draft support

Nov 112010

City of Bakersfield

Ward 1 – Rudy Salas 1954 votes 43.54%

  • Occupation: District Director
  • Residential Director / Advisor, Cal State Bakersfield (CSUB)
  • Financial Assistant, The White House
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Community Leader Award, The BC Center for Kern Political Education


  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Action, Accountability and Results

Ward 3 – Ken Weir 9645 votes 95.42%

  • Occupation: accounting, tax, outsourced controller and management consulting

Ward 4 – David Couch 12468 votes 82.88%

  • Occupation: Financial Advisor/Councilmember

Ward 7 – Russell Johnson 4107 votes 58.15%

  • Occupation: public affairs and community relations

County of Kern

Supervisor, 2nd District – Not final – difference of 330 votes

Zack Scrivner - 16371 votes 50.21 %

Steve Perez – 16041 votes 49.20%

State of California & Federal Congressional Seats

30th Assembly District


>Fran Florez – 22,248 votes 39.2%


>David Valadao – 34,375 votes 60.8%

16th Senate District


>Michael Rubio - 60,364 votes 60%


>Timothy Thiesen - 40,288 votes 40%

32nd Assembly District


>Holly Spohn-Gross (dropped out) - 35,365 votes 27.6%


>Shannon Grove - 92,635 votes 72.4%

18th Senate District


>Carter Pope - 66,895 votes 30.8%


>Jean Fuller - 149,730 69.2%

34th Assembly District


Esmeralda Castro - 23,848 votes 30.3%


Connie Conway - 54,737 votes 69.7%

* first woman elected minority leader since 1981

20th Congressional District – Close Contest – not final


'> Jim Costa - 39,829 votes 50.9%


>James "Andy" Vidak - 38,511 votes 49.1%

37th Assembly District


Ferial Masry - 61,042 votes 41.3%


Jeff Gorell - 86,411 votes 58.7%

22nd Congressional District


'> Kevin McCarthy - 165,060 votes 100%

State Assembly breakdown

52 Democrats & 28 Republicans

2 votes away from having 2/3rds majority

Republicans lost 1 seat in this election AD 5 which    belonged to Roger Niello in a very close race between:

Richard Pan (Dem) – 64,593 votes 48.7% and Andy Pungno (Rep) 61,748 votes 46.6%

State Senate Breakdown

25 Democrats & 15 Republicans

One seat is vacant – SD 28

State Senator Jenny Oropeza passed away in October. The 53-year-old Redondo Beach Democrat represented Long Beach and the South Bay. Even though she had passed away she was re-elected and received 57.9% of the vote.

State of California Propositions:

Proposition Title Yes
% No
No 19 Legalize Marijuana in CA, Regulate and Tax 4,120,634 46.0% 4,822,119 54.0%
Yes 20 Redistricting of Congressional Districts 5,177,002 61.5% 3,253,872 38.5%
No 21 State Park Funding. Vehicle License Surcharge. 3,716,907 42.2% 5,080,845 57.8%
Yes 22 Prohibit State From Taking Some Local Funds 5,159,114 60.8% 3,338,162 39.2%
No 23 Suspend Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) 3,366,163 38.6% 5,348,126 61.4%
No 24 Repeal Allowance of Lower Business Tax Liability 3,519,982 41.5% 4,943,571 58.5%
Yes 25 Simple Majority Vote to Pass Budget 4,698,601 54.8% 3,883,915 45.2%
Yes 26 2/3 Vote for Some State/Local Fees 4,437,704 52.6% 4,004,576 47.4%
No 27 Eliminate State Redistricting Commission 3,342,710 40.3% 4,935,355 59.7%

Nov 062010

THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN | Friday, Nov 05 2010 05:49 PM

Last Updated Friday, Nov 05 2010 05:49 PM

A judge ruled Friday that Kern County had properly analyzed and evaluated the environmental impacts of the sprawling Tejon Mountain Village project, allowing construction to move forward, it was announced Friday.

Kern County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Twisselman sided with the county of Kern, Tejon Ranch Company and its development partner, DMB Associates Inc., according to a Tejon press release.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the mountain resort community in October 2009. In his ruling, Tejon said, Twisselman rejected claims by the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity and others that the environmental impact report for Tejon Mountain Village was inadequate.

"Tejon Mountain Village is going to be quite an asset for Kern County," said Robert Stine, president and CEO of Tejon Ranch, in the news release. "It sets a new standard for environmental sensitivity, sustainability, good planning, and soon, good living. We're pleased the judge's ruling gives us the green light to move forward with our plans."

Officials with the Center for Biological Diversity could not be reached for comment Friday evening. The center, other environmental groups, Native Americans and other local residents expressed concerns about the project's impact on the California condor, Chumash sites, air quality and other quality of life matters.

The project involves 5,082 acres of homes, hotels, golf courses and shops on more than 26,417 acres east of Interstate 5 near Frazier Park.

The village plans were borne out of what Tejon has called an "historic" conservation agreement with several environmental groups -- Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, the Planning and Conservation League, the Endangered Habitats League and Audubon California -- to preserve up to 90 percent of Tejon Ranch.

Oct 052010

Bakersfield Californian:  Make Legislature fix it:  No on Props 25 and 26 – Both propositions have partisan origins, lack pragmatic balance and fail to provide assurances against potential abuse. We suggest voters reject both measures -- but demand that the Legislature take steps to rectify the very real problems they seek to address, albeit heavy-handedly.  Bakersfield Californian editorial